Lunes Birmanes

 Graphic Novel. French. Art & Color. 200 pages.

“Experiencing Burma has been a long 6 years journey full of life stories, landscape, energies, emotions and an overwhelming reality. When I was first introduced to Sam’s sketches on Burma sceneries, characters and portraits, I was voiceless. It made immediatly sense that we had to work together and report the testimony, the emotions, the journeys, the challenges and the cause of the burmese people, through the creation of a graphic novel. I would never imagine having a better work partner who dedicated his fire, passion, attention fully alive for almost 3 years. Not only is he a hard worker and a perfectionist, but he is an open mind, reliable, humble, respectful of other’s idea, a great listener and a great creative mind full of ideas and innovative vision. What he does with his pen is more than drawing, he is actually one of those rare magicians who give life and emotions to the caracters so that they reach your heart. Our graphic novel ” Burmese moons” has made him more than a colleague, it made him a great friend and some one I’ll always rely on. Some one rare that I’m looking forward to working with again.”

❉ Sophie Ansel (French writer and film director)@SophieAnsel


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